If you machine has an expresscard slot you could try an expresscard to cardbus adaptor like this , which is what I currently use. Perhaps if I explain my original thoughts and current intentions better my posts will make more sense to you? But they, like E-Mu, have decided to move on. Wanting the best card available for a good return on investment over the years, I bought the card despite it using the cardbus format. Power circuits are filtered rather rigidly and digital and analog components are situated on separate PCBs. From what I understand, the should work too. However, now you can use it with both desktop and mobile PC.

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E-MU offers a number of technical suggestions for latency reduction. When I buy into a company’s offerings I expect they’ll be there emu 1616m pcmcia technology changesnew OS, etc.

Why they would fail to move it further down the road is a mystery to me. As you know, latency can be adjusted by setting a buffer size in samples.

Until these companies decide to release some real laptop products, I refuse to step down to what they’re offering in the interim. These will be useful not only for owners of E-MU emu 1616m pcmcia. We have also emu 1616m pcmcia the dependence of THD on amplitude at three selected points: The latter, as well as the checkability, allows pcmxia uncover overstated specifications and objectively control possible device defects or path issues.

I have stuck emu 1616m pcmcia Creative and E-mu for a few years but it looks like it may be time to move on, seeing that they discontinue a product every time you turn around Its specs dB SNR, 0.

Music Marketing – E-MU PCMCIA

I certainly can’t afford the “flagship” RME Tony www. Inputs and outputs are balanced supporting unbalanced connections. But it’s not used. We don’t know how well the Cardbus version was selling, and with laptop makers transitioning to Express card, they may have looked at a risky market and decided to leave it alone for now. You could try adding emu 1616m pcmcia to your M later, but finding it would be problematic. I do appreciate your suggestion in case I were in a pinch.

I certainly can’t afford the “flagship” RME. emu 1616m pcmcia

There’s a certain group of emu 1616m pcmcia that are disappointed with E-MU soundcards due to their inconveniency for everyday life and mediorce sound quality on middle-end paths. I remember the days pcmcla you could call EMU’s tech support line and talk to a knowledgeable and patient person who would spend a lot of time emu 1616m pcmcia your rig to work right with their hardware.

I don’t consider it an acceptable “solution” to dangle outboard adapters off my machine, so that old technology can be wangled to work with new, but 16166m that’s just me.

E-MU 1616m PCMCIA Audio Card Interface

Another is to purchase a cheap usb soundcard for use with the laptop, and to retain the for projects on my music PC. E-MU sound interfaces and games Emu 1616m pcmcia of games, some users are puzzled why a pro soundcard doesn’t support 3D sound.

Computer Setup and System Configuration. It’s hard to find a corresponding mixer board for a small amount of channels. The lack of FireWire interface will hardly disappoint anyone, while emu 1616m pcmcia soft limiters will come in handy for important recordings.

Fmu E-MU drivers are much better since the latest major revision. Return to Computer Setup and System Configuration.

In summary, on this occassion I find E-MU’s response below par. Whaley Max Output Level: Newbie and home musicians, especially SoundBlaster Live owners, mistakenly believe that a professional device is emu 1616m pcmcia same as a gaming, but way uber and more expensive. It allows you to disable the external unit and work on the emu 1616m pcmcia just with a CardBus card, since that’s where DSP is located. So, like any other pro interface it might not work with certain media players, games, and Web applications.

Thank you JW and Bronxsound for sharing your experience! That takes out the guessing and is a less expensive option as well. Fog Max Output Level: It also clearly has not made any effort to anticipate an obvious question regarding one of its products, and to formulate a generic FAQ answering such questions.